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Okauchee Lake Management District Muskrat Removal

In 2018, the Okauchee Lake Management District started working with Arnold Groehler, authorized DNR muskrat removal agent, to control the muskrat population in Okauchee Lake and surrounding shorelines. The goal is not to eradicate all muskrats. There will always be some muskrats present due to the preferred muskrat habitat found in Okauchee Lake. The goal is to keep the number of muskrats at a manageable level to minimize shoreline damage caused by their digging and burrowing. Trapping will take place in early spring and may also take place in fall.

In order to have muskrats removed from the shoreline on your property, your consent is required prior to the early spring trapping date. After you submit your consent form, Mr. Groehler will contact you in late winter via email or phone to discuss the muskrat removal process and control dates.

If you would like muskrats trapped on the shoreline of your property, please complete and submit the form below.

Additional information about the Okauchee Lake Muskrat Removal program can be found on the OLMD website “Reports” page.

Your consent remains in effect until you notify us that consent to access your property is no longer given. Thank you!

I authorize Arnold Groehler, authorized DNR muskrat removal agent, to access the property listed below for the purposes of muskrat removal and control. This permission form has no expiration date and remains in effect unless you request to be removed from the OLMD Muskrat Removal Program property list. Please contact the OLMD by email at or in writing at our mailing address listed below if you wish to be removed from the OLMD Muskrat Removal Program list, have problems with muskrats on your property, or have any questions or concerns.

Muskrat Removal Consent Form

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